Chiropractic & Aging

As we age, it is easy to associate feeling with growing old. Things become tired and worn out from years of use and abuse. Our bodies naturally degenerate from this wear and tear over the years.

It is incredibly important to take care of your body. It is never too late to make positive changes that will impact you for the future.

If you are young, that’s great! Exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic care will help your body age slower. Being overweight, having toxins built up in the body, disturbances to the nervous system and having a lack of movement in your joints will cause the aging process to be more severe.

Chiropractic care helps the aging process by slowing and sometimes even stopping degeneration of your joints from occurring. Regular chiropractic care keeps your joints moving properly, which limits degeneration. Degeneration is commonly called “osteoarthritis” or “Degenerative Joint Disease.” It is mainly caused by lack of movement or too much movement at the area(s) the degeneration occurs. Chiropractic adjustments restore a proper balance of movement to the body, which helps to slow the degenerative processes in our bodies.

If you already have some degeneration, pain, or other health issues as a result of aging, chiropractic can still help! Dr. Hungerford can help you manage your symptoms and keep the problems from getting worse through regular chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle changes.

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia, you are still a candidate for chiropractic care. Please call Dr. Hungerford, he can help.